About us

The LIS AG company

A strong team of more than 100 employees with different qualifications in the field of logistics has one goal:
to successfully develop our software solutions further and the optimal support of their efficient use in your company.

A strong team on your side that ensures that this goal is also safe in the future: that’s why we continuously train our employees and our knowledge management as well as training young people in our branch.

Besides having subsidiaries in Hamburg, Mühlacker, Memmingen, Pszczyna in Poland and in Oldenzaal in The Netherlands, our company headquarters is in Greven. We are positioned in the middle of Muensterland, with the optimal location to the airport Muenster/Osnabrueck and the motorway A1. 

For over 35 years now we have developed and installed TMS, Transport Management Software (forwarding software). With this experience and the bravery to look into the future in order to make your business processes realistic, we take on your requirements on a daily basis.And that with success! Today we are the market leader for standardized logistic software in the transporting business. 

The successful expansion of our business field in the European market shows that the quality of our products and customer service also has a future internationally.