Succesful since 1980

Without a doubt we can say that in our branch of work that in 1980 we were one of the pioneers. Hardly any of our competitors can look as far back into the history of their companies. The reason for this is our untiring efforts as well as the foresight to develop with the market in our branch. As more and more applications for mainframe systems in the forwarding and by manufacturers were being used, including ours, we also brought our first PC solution using DOS onto the market.

The realization of the idea to use a conventionally used system as the platform to process the data from mainframe computers and servers was taken on with WinSped® inside Windows and was “at home everywheres”. Under this motto our standard solutions were then in the current Windows operating systems and a leading application in the transportation business of Germany. The expectations of our customers to have a direct connection to the internet for their business processes was also innovatively established thanks to our adjusting our product politics and creating WebSped® in 1999.

Even today we are looking ahead in order to develop with the trends in our market in order to provide solutions and develop strategies to ensure that we remain the leading system supplier for logistics and transport management.