Software Overview

The ideal product solutions for carriers and shippers

For over 30 years the LIS is the international leading company in developing and installing logistics software. With WinSped we have an extensive portfolio of solutions for carriers and shippers. A varierty of interfaces allows integration in almost any environment.

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The modular software solution for carriers and shippers

  • Modular structured logistics software
  • For transporting and shipping industry
  • Extensive portfolio of solutions
  • Integration in nearly any environment
  • Market leader in Germany

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Transport Management in the World Wide Web

  • Online-Portal for real-time communication
  • Tracking- an tracing functions
  • Smooth integration into WinSped®
  • Multilingualism
  • Individual design according to corporate design

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Connects your warehouse organisation

  • Full control of all warehouse processes
  • virtual warehouse with shelves, levels, squares
  • Integrated dispatch module
  • Invoicing for proper billing
  • Storage space administration for all storage systems

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