Software for carriers

The basis for efficient transport management

Every forwarding agency has always been the administrator and the mediator of all the relevant data for the transportation of goods between the shipper and the transporting businesses. The exchange of this information and controlling the costs and procedures of the transporting processes require time and resources. The quality of communication and information required by all parties involved in the transporting process is especially important in this day in age to ensure the competitiveness of your company. 

Open Program Systems

The software solutions of LIS open the door to the digital world of transportation. High performance, universal interfaces transfer all relevant information involved in the transportation chain to a central data management. The electronic transfer of orders, the smooth and easy dialogue with the telematic systems, and the integration of scanning data of the complete traffic of goods provide the basis for efficient transportation management. 
The software solutions are also equipped for your tasks internationally. We have multiple language versions available for you subsidiaries and branches abroad in Europe.

The Investment with a future

All software solutions are constantly being further developed, thanks to a close working relationship within the branch. Today, with over5,000 installed work stations, we are the market leader in Germany, as well as being successfully positioned in Europe. Our training centre and customer service centre, as well as our customer managers on site, offer the optimal user support.