Customer Management

Maintains your relationships

The time is long gone that a customer goes to the forwarding agent and asks for a state guaranteed price for a transportation. Therefore, the maintenance of customer contacts and the scheduled tracing is an important criteria in forwarding agencies for successful business development.

Collected knowledge

The foundation for an active customer management is the contact and visit history, the tracing of offers and the current business development. Here WinSped also automates processes and stores all relevant information related to customer care. If wished this software module informs, without being prompted, and can warn that the incoming order of the customer to be monitored falls short of the desired extensiveness. Telephone and memos of conversations as well as internal remarks are generated directly on the screen, stored and assigned to the appropriate project. This information can of course be forwarded as a memo or per email. 

Crystal clear calculations

The information to be recalculated for your individual customers allows the comparison of earlier orders or the calculation of tenders. So you know quickly if a “good customer” is really a good customer and can react accordingly. In this way every account manager is extensively informed by WinSped about his customer conversations and is supported by effectual statements, which for example, displays the consequences of upcoming market changes in the planning calculations. Of course WinSpedtakes care of the serial letters and fax options of tenders and price requests in a short period of time so that more time is left for the active customer care.

Performance Characteristics

  • Contact history
  • Reminders
  • Memo administration
  • Serial letters
  • Price requests
  • Offer administration
  • Pre and recalculations
  • Turnover statistics, ABC analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Regional calculations with Map Display