The key to more profits

Regardless if you dispatch groupage goods, partial or complete loads, WinSped offers you the necessary individual optimization dispatching work station.

Optimal visualization

The amount of current information that the scheduler requires for smooth and effective work is immense. Therefore WinSped offers a multitude of comfortable possibilities targeted at the current step of the dispatching progress and displays the important information. A detailed map display which shows all planed routes with the respective orders and vehicles allows the scheduler a quick and necessary overview.

Dispatching via drag and drop

Starting with the combination of bordereaus and routes via drag and drop up to the calculation , all the activities of a scheduler are taken care of with a few clicks on the monitor. The sorted listing of current orders according to your chosen criteria simplifies the combining of routes. Also the function “subsequent order for vehicle” or “vehicle for order” support the search for the correct order and let the scheduler make the right decision quickly. Furthermore, important information like order turnover, calculating costs when using your own vehicles, costs when using a freight carrier, toll and dead head kilometres, customer data, personnel data and telephone numbers are shown by making a simple mouse click.

Clear advantages

Thus the strengths of Winsped are crystal clear: the dispatching complexity is considerably reduced and the scheduler can economically optimize every route due to a clear overview and current information. Dispatched orders are automatically sent to the connected vehicle deployment plan. Forgotten consignments and incorrect freight papers are also a thing of the past with WinSped. With the electronic notebook from WinSped you no longer need a memo pad and pencil because you can now communicate within the dispatching department the information pertaining to orders and vehicles electronically.

Clearance for active actions

With the direct telematic connection from WinSped working in dispatching transforms from active controlling to the task of passive monitoring. The time saved and the centred overview provides a clear increase in efficiency in the areas of creating return loads, deployment planning and route optimization.