The virtual filing cabinet

An important step towards a paperless office is the integration of the document management (DMS) in your WinSped environment. Now you are able to find all digitally archived documents and display them with an Adobe Acrobat Reader on every workstation.

The simple generation

Paper documents and forms like a delivery document are imported with a customary Twain capable scanner and archived with a keyword. All printouts from WinSped, if wished, are stored in archiving with a keyword and assigned with the appropriate customer data master. This procedure is effectively supported by WinSped with a half automatic assignment of search criteria in the consignment research. From route related papers, like for example cortage notes, bordereaus, etc., the consignment number, purchaser, and freight carrier are stored as the search criteria. The automatic key words of scanned documents is available immediately if these are identified with a known barcode.

It’s easy to find

The automatic filing and simple maintenance of the DMS guarantees the problem free updating of the system. In this way you can find documents with a quick look at all documents in which the consignment is noted beside other consignments. This for example, makes it possible to find the invoice for a consignment order although this is only listed on a groupage invoice. Without any bothersome searching in file folders and files you have all important information at cyber speed. From the customer master you can display all archived documents of a customer in the DMS in a clear list, sort them as well as choose them with a simple mouse click and print or send them.

Performance Characteristics

  • Complete integration in WinSped
  • Automatic key wording of WinSped generated documents
  • Manual scanning and key words
  • Batch key wording of bar coded documents