Freight Calculation

The safe bank for finances and controlling

The checking of incoming freight invoices and the calculation of services for your customers is supported by the effective automated routines of WinSped. The completed orders with all relevant information are promptly available and can be comfortably processed in the invoicing department.

The freight inspection

The dialogue function about freight information and determination of prices with existing freight agreements allows the inspection of the freight invoices of the freight carrier used. An effective method is the pre calculation of the expected freight invoice and the comparison of the documents at hand. The accounting centre clearly presents all orders that have not been settled with the precalculated freight within the framework of the incoming document administration or as a pro forma document. After reconciliation of the incoming document it is booked directly, and if there are deviations, generated to different areas, The same method can be used for credit notes to the customer.

Freight calculation

WinSped masters all established methods for freight calculation. The calculation can be done by directly entering prices or with conditions present in the master settings. By using the comfortable and clearly arranged storage of the agreements, with the restrictions, the automatic generation of the correct invoices to customers and credit notes to freight carriers is made possible. In the process any missing or values to be calculated (e.g. barring) will simply be determined with the WinSped macro language. The printing of the invoices and credit notes can be done on standard of customer individual forms. An automatic archiving to external archiving systems is supported.

Reminder administration

With the WinSped Reminder Administration you can track open posts. This takes place using an external financial accounting system. The integrated interface to diverse financial accounting systems supplies this with the booking material and, where applicable, picks out the information required using the receipt of payment. (depending on the scope of service for different financial accounting systems).

Conditions and condition requirements

  • Transportation date
  • Weight and distance board
  • Relation/territory/postal code
  • Recipient, sender, original sender as well as customer group
  • Freight carrier, lorry respectively lorry group
  • Sum of the weight on the basis of route and order (differentiated between actual and obligatory freight weights)
  • Article and packing units (freely definable, e.g. piece, cartons, pallet types, loading meters, cubic meters etc.) contained

Freight calculation types

  • GTF tariff
  • House tariff according to storage space, pallet, package unit, piece, litre, square metre, loading metre, territory, P/c flexible, kg and km 
  • Price per (kg, 100 kg, packing unit, article loading metre, storage space, square metre, kilometre, cubic metre) 
  • Flat rate with any description
  • Like other customers/companies
  • Margin, discount, additional charge in %, additional fees (descriptions are freely definable)

Settlement types

  • Settlements dependent on partial routes for groupage loads (GI and GO) (Settlement for transit points, respectively recipient forwarders and pre-carriage/collection) 
  • Optimization (star, row, kilometre, splitting)
  • Summary (GTR, postal code and territory, recipient number, recipient name)
  • Determination of the main procedure (criteria longest and shortest distance and/or smallest and largest weight)
  • Comparison calculations (cheapest and most expensive settlement, tariff comparison with different house freight levels, comparison of every condition)

Standard tariffs

  • individually packaged goods · Kurt 1, 2 and 3 
  • SE,SET, D, DT, F, FT · BSL house freight
  • Customer setting 1 and 2 · ST tariff
  • GNT 1, 2 and 3 · T5
  • These tariffs are delivered in the respective valid form. The system supports the settlement of deviating validity statuses. The user can maintain the tariffs by himself.

House Tariffs according to

  • distance, sender territory, recipient territory, 2 digit postal codes, any number of postal code numbers, no dimensions 
  • Settlement Center · Accruals 
  • Reminder administration · Invoices
  • Credit notes to freight carrier · Cancellations
  • Incoming document administration · Special invoicing
  • Interface to financial bookkeeping (Agresso, Bundschuh, Carat, CSS, DATEV, DCW, Fenestra, IBM, KHK, Lexware, ProFib, Schilling, SAP, Sage KHK Office Line, Sage KHK Classic Line, Varial,….)