Load Optimization

Optimizes your Loading Units

Optimizes your Loading Units. The load optimization provides a remarkable reduction in transport costs and planning times and also a distinct increase in delivery service. The load optimization offers a seamless integration into existing applications, such as the transport management software WinSped®.

Deployment Possibilities

  • Operative capacity planning per loading unit for existing vehicle fleet capacities
  • Most favourable formation of the required loading capacities (20, 40, lorry, train)
  • Exact determination of the number of loading units per large order with previous information to the company and end customer
  • European wide strategic planning concerning deliveries from storage locations or distribution locations
  • Daily planning of every route with consideration of all restrictions concerning loading and unloading sequences
  • Graphic display of loading and printout of the loading plans of the shipment



  • Classic Windows application and therefore working with a well known environment
  • Easy usage due to known surface elements from the Microsoft and Office Line world
  • Creation of order lists or transfers from the previous system and processing in an easy manner
  • No need to learn additional knowledge, immediate implementation
  • Distinct reduction in training procedures in comparison to conventional products
  • Integrated online help for all offered functions



  • Reduction of the loading space capacity and transportation units
  • Secure and targeted work processes with the personnel deployment plan on the ramp
  • Error free loading of the transportation units provided by the storage plan
  • Reduction in the standing and processing times per shipping procedure
  • Advance and on time ordering of the capacities at the forwarder