Means of Loading Administration

"Ship Shape" for pallets and Co.

For the successful transportation process a professional handling of the loading equipment is absolutely necessary. WinSped connects the administration of your stock with this module in the central process management and ensures for more transparency about the loading equipment stock and allow the efficient deployment with foresight.

Automatic tracing

After all master data of your loading equipment has been generated all movements are booked in a reliable and binding manner. Automatic booking procedures allow the individual specification and binding depositing so that every route of the loading equipments movements are automated in the background without additional booking. The manual booking supports all possibilities up to the exchange booking for loading and unloading locations with a clear entry mask. 

Less effort – more use

In this way you have all your equipment accounts of your loading equipment up to date and can also determine random balances without a lot of effort. You can also print out balance lists and account balancing lists in a comfortable and clear manner. Because every balance account is connected to the appropriate address, you can also do invoicing in the form of an invoice or a reminder automatically to the customer or by pressing a button. These are then transferred to the module Finances/-Controlling and flows as a result to financial booking

Performance Characteristics

  • Manual booking of loading equipment movement
  • Generation loading equipment exchange
  • Account information
  • Balancing of accounts
  • Movement lists
  • Balancing lists
  • Statistics
  • Loading equipment reminders
  • Loading equipment invoicing