Order entry

It´s so simple to put the orders in the system

WinSped® is fully equipped for the quick and error free entry of orders. Whether per EDI, from order preserves or from manual entry, all order data is generated quickly and smoothly and passed on to dispatch for further processing.

Automatic order transfer

The high performing LIS-IN Interface transfers digital order data directly from your client. The WinSped®-Converter supports the transfer of any formatted data like Edifact or completely individual formats our of text files, databases or XML structures. Even the WinSped interface from your customers in your own internet browser generated order data is transferred smoothly in the WinSped order management. Here standard data with errors will be corrected with the help of intelligent macros, related orders generated and the order data transferred in a controlled environment.

Call up and contract orders

It is amazingly simple to enter new orders on the basis of previously defined order conserve using WinSped. All order data up to the agreed prices are contained in the conserves – a simple click is all you need to enter a binding order. Therewith the user is always updated with the current status. This ensures that he knows the amount of already called up orders and can immediately react to the unforeseeable.

The manual order generation

For the general entry of orders WinSped offers a huge alleviation of work. The user is effectively supported with free editor able fields of choice and the optimal generation mask. An information relevant for the consignment order are generated quickly and connected to the standard information from the customer data bank, The automatic security check takes into account all orders that have not been settled as well as the open posts and warns the employee if the credit limit has been reached.