Personnel Management

Dynamic Personnel Management

Besides the capacity of your vehicle fleet it is needless to say that an important criteria for successful route planning and dispatching is the detailed information about the resources of your drivers and their availability. In WinSped all relevant master data is generated in the personnel deployment plan and together with dates and events about the respective driver ,actively administrated. Working hours, vacation days, doctors appointments and all appointments that are relevant in connection with the drivers availability , will flow into the personnel deployment plan so that besides the choice of the optimal means of transportation and the route, you can also make a reliable choice for a driver.

Driving and rest periods under control

In dialogue with the telematic system all driving and rest periods are automatically displayed for the current driver in the vehicle deployment planning as the time remaining for driving and actively compared with the planned delivery date. If, for example, the remaining driving time exceeds the time period of a route, WinSped gives a notification if the date cannot be kept due to an exceed in the driving period. The WinSped personnel deployment plan documents under the respective personnel number , the manually entered events and the entry of all telematic notifications. The program gives you a complete overview about all times of the driving personnel. These are clearly displayed and always give the current information about working and rest periods. By marking a driver you receive detailed information about the respective progress of the driver‘s assignment.

Performance Characteristics

  • Easy and comfortable handling per drag &drop
  • Overview of the carried out assignments and the deployment planning as a bar choose able …

    • … with only planning data or in addition with
    • … carried out assignments or in addition with
    • … occupation types

  • Automatic rest driving periods determination with the help of telematic
  • Driver location administration
  • Vacation planning
  • Deployment statistics