Software for Shippers

Smooth integration into all process steps

Transportation costs are increasingly becoming a large cost factor for the transportation business. An effective, sustainable configuration and control for these processes is an important competitive factor. 

The prerequisite for efficient work is the complete and smooth integration into your company software. The LIS AG offers the connection of all important ERP systems and procedures with the use of interfaces and communication tools.

The optional WinSped® shipping processing allows for very simple graphic dispatching. In addition, the automatic or semi-automatic Route Planning allows for an increased realization of planning. The assessment complexity for transportation invoices is dramatically reduced with the automatic Freight Auditing. The comprehensive parameterizations allows for the adjustment to almost any accounting situation. The corresponding accounts run through the system without any manual intervention. The auditor only takes care of the deviations outside the defined tolerance areas.

The credit note procedure (self-billing) reduces the manual input considerably. Winsped® determines the freight costs according to the deposited freight agreements automatically and the service provider receives his credit note in the agreed upon rhythm. On the other hand, accepted invoices, respectively the generated credit notes, go to the finance software per interface. Allocation and cost centre assignment are either deposited in WinSped® using a flexible system or rules or imported together with the order data from the company software. Statistic calculations in pre-fabricated form, Microsoft Excel or Access, as well as the possibility to simulate freight tariffs, provide the necessary transparency for comprehensive cost analysis.

The WebSped® components of LIS AG compliment the process chain concerning transportation logistics. The Tracking and Tracing function, internal freight exchange or booking system for your forwarding agent, time management or gate administration for loading and many more functions are yours to choose.