Vehicle Deployment Planning

Speedy management with a click

The vehicle deployment plan in WinSped completely replaces your hand written daily and weekly plan. In a clearly laid out way the monitor shows the vehicle deployment over a period of time, either in the detailed minute mode or the 7 day display for a quick overview. Vehicle Deployment Planning All means of transportation in sight With the user defined WinSped ‘SmartFilter Function, the desired vehicle choices are chosen quickly. After the specified criteria has been transferred the program gives a clearly sorted overview of your choices for ,for example, tractors with out order, the location of all trailers or swap bodies, all means of transport in connection with a location. At the same time the current status of the transportation means is displayed directly in the vehicle status. With this the speedy manager can plan the optimal deployment for every order.

The virtual transportation accompaniment

Unforeseeable events can disrupt the planned procedure, especially in transportation processes. If this is the case the adept speedy manager reacts. If for example you have damage to a vehicle the next replacement vehicle is found quickly and the recipient of the goods is informed about the delay of the delivery. In this way the speedy manager always plans the optimal vehicle deployment for every order.

Every order will be shown as a bar that’s colour shows the current status and in addition with user defined information. The speedy manager can move, lengthen or shorten the bars and therewith change the times directly in the order. Time restrictions are evaluated directly and the speedy manager is warned if necessary. Information about previous routes are also available in detail within seconds using a mouse click.

Your advantage

WinSped automates your workflow, reduces mobile phone costs, controls the processing of transportation and provides for an increase in your ability to give customers information due to an up to date order history where the newest order status is available.

Performance Characteristics

  • Simple and easy handling per drag &drop
  • Deployment control of tractors, trailers, swap bodies and driving personnel
  • Current vehicle location
  • Last planned vehicle location, available from location
  • Number of dispatched routes
  • Number of current routes in progress
  • All elements completely configurable
  • Print out of all configurable dispatching plans
  • Control over the customer loading and unloading times
  • Automatic time planning
  • Automatic dead heads
  • Manual dead heads to desired destinations
  • Displaying of the vehicle deployment on the map as an endless route
  • Direct order, dispatching support
  • Vehicle message history
  • Vehicle messages
  • Integration of telematic system
  • Message ticker with decided priorities control
  • Speedy management administration
  • Automated integration of driving and rest periods using telematic